Clempire Janitorial - For Your Business

Clempire Janitorial provides the absolute best combination of price, quality of work, and reliability. Check us out and see for yourself why we have become one of the premiere janitorial service companies in Northeast Oklahoma.

Clempire Janitorial - For Your Construction Site

Dozens of contractors have repeatedly used Clempire Janitorial for Construction Site Cleanup, near the end of and after construction. Check us out and see why Clempire Janitorial is the perfect company to clean up your construction site.

Clempire Janitorial - For Your Windows and Floors

If all you need is a periodic good Window Cleaning or Floor Stripping and Refinishing, Clempire Janitorial is the service you need. With a highly-trained workforce of experienced window cleaners and floor refinishers, we can do your job at the best combination of price, quality of work, and reliability. Check us out and see for yourself.

All We Leave Behind is Sparkle and Shine!

Professional Janitorial Services

When you’re looking for professional janitorial services for your business, turn to the team you can trust to get the job done right. Clempire is your home for high-quality commercial cleaning contractors. We proudly service a variety of locations, including office and government buildings, medical facilities, schools, manufacturing facilities, and more. We’re also experienced with construction site cleanup for projects of all sizes. Our team works throughout the Tulsa area to give you the clean space you and your coworkers need. To find out more about our janitorial services and everything we have to offer, call the professionals at Clempire today at (918) 624-2100.


Office Buildings

Clempire Janitorial got its start more than ten years ago cleaning office buildings. Early on, we realized that each client has their own preferences for a good cleaning service; locally owned and operated, what makes our small business unique today is how well we listen to and then meet your individual cleaning needs. Click on this text to read more about how Clempire Janitorial can meet your specific cleaning needs, and to learn about regular cleaning services, special one-time, or infrequent services.

Government Buildings

Clempire Janitorial has extensive experience and skills with the particular and demanding requirements for cleaning Government buildings. Recognizing the strict security needs inherent in government offices, we thoroughly vet all our employees, to include in-depth background checks. We also make sure we use appropriate cleaning products and machinery to ensure all jobs are completed in a way to satisfy government and office specifications. Click this text to learn more.

Medical Facilities

Our company and our personnel completely understand that Medical facilities have very specific cleaning needs. Whether it is a small dental clinic, a single doctor’s office, a mid-size multi-provider practice, or a large medical center with thousands of staff, we provide that special care and attention these types of facilities require. From simple window and floor cleaning to proper biohazard disposal of medical waste, Clempire Janitorial covers all your needs. Click this text to learn more.


Whether your school needs day porter services, floors stripped and waxed, summertime deep cleaning, or simply regular, reliable janitorial services, Clempire Janitorial is here to meet your needs! We have experience from large gymnasiums down to small classrooms, from single bathrooms to dozens of stalls. If you are unhappy with how unreliable your current service is, give us a call! Our hard workers will take the burden off of you and get the job done reliably, every time. Click here to learn more.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our staff is OSHA certified and trained on all necessary safety protocols when required by workplaces, to give you the satisfaction of knowing your janitorial service will be reliable and the safest services you can get. Clempire Janitorial’s qualified workers use exceptional cleaning products and machines to clean up even the toughest dirt and grime to bring cleanliness and disinfecting to all corners of work spaces, restrooms, and floors. Let us do the dirty work for you! Click here to learn more.

Construction Cleanup

We have the skill and experience you need to take your newly created spaces from construction zone to polished and professional. From windows and high dusting, to floor preparation, stripping and waxing, to general cleaning, Clempire Janitorial will bring the sparkle and shine! If you are renovating an existing space, or building an all-new site, our janitorial service will get you to the next level of excellence in an affordable, effortless way. Click here to learn more.


If you are seeking part-time or full-time work, if you are reliable, honest, and have a good work ethic, we want to consider YOU to be part of our team!

We offer excellent pay and at least moderately flexible hours. We provide training and other benefits, but in return we ask for your best work while on the job.

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