Clempire Janitorial - For Your Business

Clempire Janitorial provides the absolute best combination of price, quality of work, and reliability. Check us out and see for yourself why we have become one of the premiere janitorial service companies in Northeast Oklahoma.

Clempire Janitorial - For Your Construction Site

Dozens of contractors have repeatedly used Clempire Janitorial for Construction Site Cleanup, near the end of and after construction. Check us out and see why Clempire Janitorial is the perfect company to clean up your construction site.

Clempire Janitorial - For Your Windows and Floors

If all you need is a periodic good Window Cleaning or Floor Stripping and Refinishing, Clempire Janitorial is the service you need. With a highly-trained workforce of experienced window cleaners and floor refinishers, we can do your job at the best combination of price, quality of work, and reliability. Check us out and see for yourself.

Janitorial Services for Medical Buildings

Your Medical Facility – as you well know – represents a unique challenge to any cleaning crew.

First, absolute cleanliness is essential, not just for the credibility of yourself and your people, but also to prevent the spread of infection to a very vulnerable clientele.

Clempire Janitorial personnel are specifically trained in many methods of cleaning with disinfecting, and the recent COVID pandemic has upped our game considerably. Our janitorial services for medical buildings use the very latest in cleaning and disinfecting solutions, the best available today, and we use the most effective cleaning techniques, honed by more than ten years in the business of cleaning Medical Facilities. Reach out today to learn more about our services and how we can make your hospital a better, safer place to work.

There are also a variety of privacy requirements to working in many medical facilities due to the sensitive nature of the medical field. Every one of our employees is thoroughly screened to ensure only qualified, trustworthy individuals make it onto our team. We also provide training on what to do should they encounter private information. Give our janitorial service for medical buildings the opportunity to show you everything we can do for you and your patients.

We have experience with a wide range of Medical Facility types; so whether your facility is a single-provider facility, a 20 to 40-room facility, or a large hospital, we have the trained and experienced personnel to handle your job.

We always work closely with the facility administrator to determine where problem areas might lie, to learn if there are ways we can improve our effectiveness and your satisfaction, and to make sure we are meeting and exceeding the cleaning needs you expect of us. When you’re ready to experience the difference our professional janitorial service for medical buildings can make, give Clempire a call today at (918) 624-2100.

Since each Medical facility has a different set of requirements, we will be happy to come to you and give you a free, no-obligation estimate. Give us a call today at 918-624-2100.